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This platform helps you to boost your confidence and enhance leadership skills along with exploring different career options as per your personality and passion.

What You Get ?

Nurture Leadership skills

Become a good speaker,thinker and a problem solver.

Find the better version of self

Boost your confidence in the domain you love and enjoy life.

Develop Problem Solving skills

Handling ctitial situations with super dynamic personality.

Connect to professional from your domain

Work towards your passion and convert it to profession.





Live Sessions

Day 1

Introduction Meetup

Getting to know the fellow leaders and connect with common interest leaders.This is ice breaking session for the leaders.

Day 2

The art of Storytelling

A brief story telling session. leaders share stories from their own life or from other's life that motivates them.

Day 3

Test your Personality

Analysis of the different personality types and a detailed discussion about it. every personality is unique in thier own ways.

Day 4

Covid and its Impact

Discussion about any current situations and spread awareness among the people regarding the safety.

Day 5

Virtual Tour of India

Explore the world even in this lockdown with us,Leaders from different states will bring thier cultures & festivals.

Day 6

River of Life

Life is like a river, always flowing with experiences. The only thing that matters is what we learnt from our life. It teaches us many things, but we only realise some.

Day 7

Be the Artist - Open Stage

"everyone is an artist,When we have extraordinary audience, nothing seems impossible. They will encourage you throughout.

Day 8

Let Us Talk: Guest Session

We bring your some great talks in which they will guide you in your field. We get to learn from thier journey and thier experiances.

Day 9

Let Us Debate

Debate gives you the chance to express your voice. It helps learners to see the power of deploying rational and reasoned arguments into reality.

Day 10

Let Us Imagine

Imagination is the way to creativity as it bridges the gap between thoughts and reality. It allows us to think beyond constraints.

Our Fellows

Let us Lead

Let us Lead is a platform to enhance soft skills and nurture leadership skills to solve problems of the world.
It is lead by young Entrepreneur and Leader Rakesh Raushan who is a student of IITM.

Initiative of Tech Table

Taramani IIT Gate Rd,
Indian Institute Of Technology,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu